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News Newsletters 2009/04 Caucasian Carpets - Talish/Talisch

2009/04 Caucasian Carpets - Talish/Talisch


ITalish is a knotting area in the extreme southeast of Azerbaijan. The area is situated on the foothills of the Caucasus mountains with Lankaran as the important city, adjacent to Iran and the Caspian Sea. The Talish carpets are known for their long and narrow dimensions and their solid blue middle area and sides with small zigzag patterns, raised arrows and edge patterns with medium and small geometric motifs. The rugs from this region are often called Caucasian carpets.

The Talish carpets frequently have a coloured woolen warp and weft. The woolen pole has a distinctive silky sheen. The Ghiordes knot is the traditional knot type for Caucasian carpets. The primary colour of the Talish carpets is blue (rarely red or green), the edge patterns often have a beige, light yellow or red background, the geometric patterns of the edges are polychrome. The sides are often finished with two or three coloured woolen cords. The ends are fringed or braided fringes that are turned towards the back.

Besides Talish carpets with a plain blue empty middle section (this pattern is called in 'In-Hanehe' at the 'Caucasian carpets') also Talish carpets with patterns in the middle area are knotted. Sometimes with only an animal motif or with multiple coloured rosettes. Even continuous plant -, star -, or diamond motifs occurred and sometimes small coloured diagonal stripe patterns in S motifs are incorporated. The main border, often beige coloured, shows octagonal rosettes, surrounded by four or six small square flower motifs. The edges on either side of the main edge is often red and decorated with small colourful square flower motifs, similar to those in the main edge. The outer edge is often has a blue background with a pattern or a continuous red castellated motif or a continuous beige diamond motif.

Because of their different shapes, markings and colours one can create surprising combinations in the interior. Talish carpets are rare and very popular among many carpet lovers and art collectors.

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